Front camera Ball Camera for Front View CO-RVC07
  • Front camera Ball Camera for Front View CO-RVC07
  • Front camera Ball Camera for Front View CO-RVC07
  • Front camera Ball Camera for Front View CO-RVC07
  • Front camera Ball Camera for Front View CO-RVC07
Front camera Ball Camera for Front View CO-RVC07
720P/1080P - High Quality Image
133°Wide Viewing Angle
9 Infra-red Lights - Ultimate Night Vision
Completely Waterproof - IP69K Rating
This Ball Camera for Front View has unique design and high resolution.
The IR waterproof rating is IP69K. 4pin screw connector, customized connector is also offered. It has night vision with lighting. S3, CE, E-mark, FCC, TS16949 are available.
Specification sheet and manual
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    CO-RVC07, stand front view camera for heavy duty. It’s viewing angle can be easily adjusted allowing this camera to mount in a variety of different ways. Normal and mirror image is switching. Camera comes included with 4P connector.





    1/3 CMOS

    TV System


    Camera Ir LED

    9pcs IR lamp with excellent night vision

    Min IIIumination

    0.1Lux@(F1.2,AGC ON);

    Electronic Shutter

    Auto:PAL 1/50s(NTSC 1/60s)~1/100,000s



    Lens Interface



    133° (D)、106°(H)、76°(V)

    Backlight Compensation




    Signal to Noise ratio

    Better than 48dB



    4 PinAviation Female Interface

    Video Output

    1Vp-p Composite Output(75Ω)

    Audio Input


    Audio Output





    Operating Temperature



    For passenger vehicles

    Operating Voltage

    DC 9-36V±10%(or From Reversing Monitor DC12V)




    External Dimensions


    Weight Approx

    Producing newest ball camera for front view co-rvc07 with high-quality, 2008 - 2021 Cocves Technology is one of the best such manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy discount products from us.

    (1) Q: Is this camera compatible with any MDVR on the market?

    A: COCVES cameras are compatible with 98% of MDVRs on the market, but it is best to use COCVES MDVR, which is definitely 100% compatible.

    (2) Q: Is this camera high in quality?

    A: Yes, all the raw materials we tested can adapt well to the temperature

    -40℃~+80℃, our QC team carried out two 100% tests on the products before they leave the factory.

    (3) Q: Can you make other connectors for the camera?

    A: Yes, we can do 4pin aviation connector and BNC, RCA...

    (4) Q: If the camera is used in the rear view system, how to match the monitor?

    A: COCVES produces professional LCD monitors. We can provide total solutions including monitors with 4pin camera input.

    (5) Q: Is the camera waterproof, shockproof and capable of night vision? Is the quality guaranteed?

    A: 98% of the cameras for cars, trucks, and buses produced by COCVES are waterproof and capable of night vision, with a seismic level of 10G, and the minimum warranty period for the cameras produced is 13 months. If you need to extend, we will increase the price by 10% per year to protect your funds throughout the process
      vocabulary Paraphrase
      Picture element Graphic elements refer to point, line, and area elements in digital cartography. The more dots, the higher the pixel, which is the smallest addressable element in digital imaging. The more pixels, the higher the image quality.
      power supply Most of our systems may be powered by 12 or 24 volt batteries, which means they can be powered by the vehicle battery. DC stands for direct current.
      Signal-to-noise ratio Compare the level of the desired signal with the level of background noise. A ratio higher than 1:1 (greater than 0dB) means that there is more signal than noise.
      Magnitude Physical or mechanical shocks are sudden accelerations caused by external factors such as shocks. It is usually measured in G, which represents the multiple of the acceleration due to gravity.
      LCD Monitor High-quality displays used in electrical appliances such as televisions, computer monitors, and mobile phones. The TFT LCD monitor improves image quality, including contrast and sharpness. The power consumption of these displays is only half of traditional displays.


      The maximum number of alternating light and dark vertical lines that can be resolved for each picture height. The higher the number, the better the image quality.
      trigger An automatic action that occurs when a specific operation occurs. An example is the rear camera view displayed when the car is backing up.
      vibration A mechanical phenomenon that fluctuates near the equilibrium point. It is usually measured in g, which represents the multiple of the acceleration due to gravity.
      Image type In a computer, images can be divided into four basic types according to the number of colors and gray levels: 1. Binary image 2. Gray image 3. Index image 4. True color RGB image
      Infrared camera Infrared night vision camera refers to the use of infrared emission device to actively project infrared light onto the object in a dark environment without visible light or low light. After the infrared light is reflected by the object, it enters the lens for imaging, and it can shoot people’s naked eyes in the dark environment. Invisible monitoring screen. The surveillance pictures taken at night are usually black and white images.
      TV system The video image PAL system is 50 fields per second, and the NTSC system is 60 fields per second. COCVESmonitor is compatible with PAL/NTSC
      Camera angle A shooting angle where the camera and the subject are on the same horizontal line. Flat shots can generally be divided into three types of images that can be captured: front, side, and oblique.
      Vibration rate The number of vibration cycles of the object per second
      Connector The male end and the female end can transmit information or current through contact, also called a connector
      Effective Pixels The effective pixel number refers to the pixel value that actually participates in photosensitive imaging.
      Horizontal resolution Horizontal resolution, also called horizontal resolution, is expressed by TV lines (TV lines for short). It is an index for evaluating camera resolution, that is, the number of black and white line pairs that can be distinguished after imaging.
      BLC Backlight Compensation Backlight compensation means that when the camera has a large contrast in the illumination of the surveillance area, it will automatically compensate for the necessary range of illumination to achieve a better image effect.
      White balance White balance is an indicator that describes the accuracy of the white color generated after the three primary colors of red, green, and blue are mixed in the display. White balance is a very important concept in the field of television photography, through which a series of problems of color reproduction and tone processing can be solved.
      Minimum illuminance Luminosity (Luminosity) refers to the degree to which an object is illuminated, expressed by the luminous flux received per unit area, expressed in lux [x] (Lux, lx)
      Signal-to-noise ratio Signal-to-noise ratio, the English name is SNR or S/N (SIGNAL-NOISE RATIO), also known as signal-to-noise ratio. Refers to the ratio of signal to noise in an electronic device or electronic system.
      Electronic shutter The electronic shutter of the camera refers to the shutter that is released under the control of electrical components.
      energy consumption It is the loss of an energy conversion form of electronic devices producing work. As long as the energy is converted, there is work. As long as there is work, it will produce energy consumption.
      Certificate Certificates issued by international professional organizations for professional certification testing, such as: FCC, CE, E-mark, ISO9001, TS16949, RoH
      Automatic iris sensor Sensing ambient light automatically adjusts infrared intensity according to ambient light, adapting to day and night environment
      Display contrast/contrast The system can produce the ratio of the brightest color (white) to the darkest color (black). High contrast is an aspect that any display needs.
      Display format/display aspect ratio The international standard format of the display. 4:3, 16:9 is full HD
      Dot pitch The dot pitch measurement shows the maximum sharpness of the image. Usually in millimeters (mm) as the unit, the smaller the number, the clearer the image
      Point resolution Dots are the elements that make up the image. The more dots, the higher the resolution and the higher the image quality.
      Event mode The event mode is usually triggered by abnormal vehicle movement or sudden impact.
      First person
      Gravity sensor The effect or sudden change of measurement speed. Once the G-Sensor is activated, the event mode will start automatically.
      Gamma correction Correct the color or saturation on the display.
      H.264 A video compression method that allows the highest video quality with the smallest storage space. In order to upload to the media
      Intellectual Property Rating The grade of the product measures the protection against solids and liquids. The higher the number, the higher the rating. The IP69K rating is the highest level available, which means that the system is completely weather-free.
      Infrared illuminator Infrared lights are used for night vision. The light emitted by infrared rays cannot be detected by the human eye, but our camera can. This greatly improves the visibility in zero or low light conditions without an actual visible light source. Many of our cameras are equipped with infrared lamps.
      Loop record Video recording mode, when the storage is full, they will automatically remove the oldest occupied space and start a new recording
      Mobile hard disk video recorder DVR is very useful for managing fleets. It is a recording device used to record video clips. They provide accident recordings and information about the whereabouts of vehicles and driving routes.
      Motion detection Automatically record the functions before, during and after the impact in parking mode. In this way, even if the driver is not in the car, you can still get footage from the accident
      multiplexer The control unit or "brain" of the system. The multiplexer powers the system, receives all camera signals and sends them to the monitor. The multiplexer is directly connected to the fuse box and has a power supply capacity of 12-24 volts.
      NTSC The National Television System Committee (NTSC) is a video system that transmits 30 frames per second (FPS).
      Necessary/available lighting Measure how much ambient light (in lux) is needed to view the image. If your system has an infrared illuminator, 0 lux is required.
      Original equipment manufacturer Cocves is the original manufacturer (OEM), which refers to the most versatile manufacturer that can be customized.
    Do you provide instructions?

    We are! We have placed a paper manual in the product box. If you lose it, please directly search our product model or download all our product manuals on the product page.

    Does the reversing camera system work at night?

    Yes - most of our spare cameras have infrared lights and excellent night vision.

    Is the camera system equipped with everything necessary for installation?

    Yes, all components required for installation are included in our car camera system package.

    Can I install my own camera system?

    Many people can really easily install our system without hiring help. Otherwise, we recommend professional installation, because they can ensure the correct installation of the system. Click here to search for recommended installations in your region.

    How does the system get power?

    Most systems require only 12V power, which can be received from the cigarette lighter or directly from the vehicle’s fuse box.

    Can the system work normally in rainy days and bad weather?

    All our spare cameras are completely waterproof and work perfectly in any weather conditions.

    Can the camera system remain on for continuous viewing while you are driving?

    Yes, they can. You can wire the system to remain on when the vehicle is switched on or only when reversing.

    For a four view system, do you need to connect all trigger lines to view all camera views?

    No, the trigger line does not need to be powered on to view the camera view. Simply navigate from the monitor menu to the preset four view options.

    Can I customize the system?

    Yes, most of our systems are customizable, and all components in our wired system can be interchanged. For customized orders, please call (86) 13823705446.

    Can I customize the camera to operate in extreme cold weather?

    Yes, most of our products can customize the built-in heating plate, so that the temperature can be increased by -10 ° at the normal service temperature, and can operate in bad weather up to minus 40 °.

    What is the delivery time of the order?

    Most orders will be shipped on the same day. Our delivery deadline is 16:00 p.m. Beijing standard time from Monday to Friday.

    Does the rear view safety system provide pricing for dealers and fleets?

    We absolutely can! You can apply for dealer plan here and fleet plan here

    Does the rear view safety system only sell reversing cameras?

    No, we offer a variety of vehicle safety solutions, including dash cam, backup sensors, mobile DVR, on-board monitoring display and many other safety accessories.

    Is rear view safety shipped internationally?

    Yes, we ship it anywhere in the world! (where delivery can be made)

    What terms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards and savings cards.

    Is rear view safety guaranteed?

    Yes, all our products are guaranteed for 13 months. An extended two-year warranty can also be purchased.Two, three or more years warranty.We also accept two-year warranty, three-year warranty, five-year warranty or longer warranty period, and pay an additional 5% for each additional year according to the customer’s requirements.
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    Why choose us
    Since 2008, cocves has improved efficient security and reduced responsibilities for thousands of organizations in 60 countries / regions around the world
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    Passion for safety
    We always adhere to people-oriented and put safety in the highest position. Our experts put this enthusiasm into the production of on-board electronic equipment to make the world's roads safer.
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    Same day delivery
    We have been deeply engaged in the vertical field of automotive electronics for more than ten years. We understand how important time is for you when every automotive enterprise purchases parts. Under our existing models, all orders before 16:00 Beijing time on the same day are guaranteed to be delivered on the same day.
  • Customizable system
    Customizable system
    We create our products from the whole process of R & D, design and manufacturing. All our products support customization to meet the exact needs of your vehicle from inside to outside.
  • Lifetime technical support
    Lifetime technical support
    We always drive the future with technology. Our solutions rely on 20% of the annual technical investment, pay attention to every user, always provide after-sales product consultation and guidance, and build a lasting partnership with customers.
  • Move RVS and rear view safety
    Move RVS and rear view safety
    Moving the RVC is now part of rear view safety. For more than ten years, cocves has been a leader in the sales, processing and OEM of various vehicle safety solutions. We sincerely cooperate with you to jointly promote the most excellent quality and first-class customer service, and are firmly committed to maintaining the highest standards in the industry; We will develop the most intelligent automotive electronic products.
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    Customer first
    Our premise is very simple. Tell me what model you are and what you need. We adapt to every industry to ensure safety and satisfaction.
  • Enthusiasm for safety
    Enthusiasm for safety
    We always care about people and make world roads safer. We must protect drivers. We use our most innovative camera system technology to improve the safety of school buses, trucks, family / RV, buses, military special vehicles, emergency vehicles and industrial vehicles.
90% of our products are shipped worldwide by air
90% of our products are shipped worldwide by air
For inquiries about our products or price list, please leave your email to us, and we will contact you within 24 hours.
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