Why are there so many cameras in the truck’s active safety system?
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In the “Report on the Status of Global Road Safety in 2019” released by the World Health Organization, about 1.25 million people die in road traffic accidents every year, an average of 3,400 people per day, which means that at least 2 people are caused by traffic accidents every minute. And death.

Especially large trucks, because they have been driving on the road for years and months, participating in the traffic for a long time, and the vehicles are seriously worn out. They are prone to punctures, brake failures, and deviations from the route. Drivers are also more prone to fatigue driving, yawning, sleepiness, etc. Dangerous driving behavior.
Life is naturally precious. From the invention of the seat belt by Volvo in 1959 to the continuous evolution of active safety systems today, people have gradually realized that most of the real safety factors are people’s driving errors and misjudgments when driving at high speeds. In order to avoid this series The car’s active safety system played a vital role in the occurrence of an accident.

Active safety refers to all safety technologies that can make the vehicle take active measures to avoid accidents. With the improvement of people’s safety awareness, such systems are limited to the high-end market, and are now entering the middle-end market, especially in the large truck industry. At the same time, many mature technologies are more common in the field of entry-level passenger vehicles, and the improved new sensor technology is also creating new opportunities and strategies for system deployment.

The principle of active safety system is to use various sensors installed on the vehicle. Generally speaking, various cameras are mostly used to collect environmental data inside and outside the vehicle, such as identifying, detecting and tracking static and dynamic objects, and finally assist or prompt the driver through the actuator, so as to enable the driver to detect possible dangers in the fastest time, And take necessary actions.

There are many active safety systems, such as fatigue driving detection system, lane departure alarm system, anti-collision alarm prompt system, 360 look around blind spot detection system, rear view system and driver behavior analysis system.

Most of these system functions are realized by installing a large number of cameras around the truck, capturing the real-time situation through the cameras, summarizing information, making system function analysis and early warning, so as to realize active safety.

Zhongdou Kyushu satellite positioning has always been the industry leader in the active safety system.

According to industry data, 20% ~ 30% of accidents are caused by fatigue driving. The research on driver fatigue detection technology is of great significance to prevent traffic accidents.

At present, the research methods of driver fatigue driving detection can be divided into two categories: judge whether the driver is tired indirectly according to the behavior of the vehicle; judge whether the driver is tired by obtaining various parameters of the vehicle during driving, and judge whether the driver is tired according to whether the vehicle exceeds the road sign line, whether the speed is speeding, whether the distance between vehicles is too close, etc.

Then, starting from the driver’s own characteristics, obtain the driver’s physiological parameter characteristics or visual characteristics through some equipment, use the different characteristic modes of the driver in the normal state and fatigue state, and use the corresponding pattern recognition technology to classify and judge, so as to detect whether there is fatigue.

Fatigue detection technology adopts intelligent video analysis technology, including driver’s face detection and human eye detection and analysis, so as to determine the fatigue degree of the detected personnel, and carry out fatigue alarm and warning according to the set rules.

Fatigue detection and early warning need to refer to the current driving speed of the vehicle, the closure degree of the driver’s eyes, the driver’s face orientation and other parameters, and the alarm limit can be customized from the actual needs, with higher flexibility. It can set parameters according to different vehicles and different driving sections, which is convenient for users.

1. Fatigue driving alarm

2. Distracted driving alarm

3. Smoking alarm

4. Call the police

5. Driver abnormal alarm

6. Driver identification

Therefore, a large number of cameras are installed in the truck’s active safety system to protect the driver’s safety. Active safety can be said to be one of the most critical automotive products in the new era. For most truck drivers at present, this configuration can help them solve no small trouble, drive more safely on the road, and have more safety protection for pedestrians and themselves.

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