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Commercial vehicle driving recorder reduces the cost of managing the fleet of fleet managers-fleet insurance. Accidents happen from time to time, so it’s important to have video evidence without having to pay for others’ mistakes. The commercial truck camera system reduces the blind spots of the truck from multiple camera positions and improves the safety of the driver.

The video evidence from the truck driver’s dash cam saves the company from unfair claims because it is acceptable in court. Because of the value it provides, companies need to invest in commercial truck camera systems to fully meet their needs and improve road safety. It makes the company more humanitarian when dealing with accidents.

Read on to find out which commercial truck camera system works best. The bottom line of your company depends on it.

Where to find the best commercial truck camera system?

There are many types of commercial truck camera systems in the market. As the most cost-effective manufacturer in the market, COCVES directly purchases our safety electronic equipment for open dealers and fleet government departments around the world. Commercial vehicle camera system is a kind of solution. It is a technical means to provide your vehicle with a full field of view to eliminate blind spots according to the model. It also includes obstacle detection, driving record and other functions. Browse our product page to meet any of your vehicle requirements, or directly give us your vehicle model, and get the solution provided by our dedicated one-to-one customer service technical experts.

GPS fleet tracking driving recorder

A complete GPS position report is essential for any commercial truck camera system. The on-board camera system provides video clips for the safety of the team caring for the drivers, and can also prove the accident. The original intention of COCVES to develop this product is out of the original humanitarian intention. We care about people.
All video clips should be securely archived on cloud servers and MDVR, and can be easily accessed at any time. If you need to provide evidence of a specific lens position in court, GPS is the only way.

GPS reports provide detailed records of drivers’ routes and activities, and allow the company to understand the daily work of drivers by accessing daily, monthly and annual reports. We oppose the infringement of driver’s freedom by the fleet once. This is very important, developed by COCVES Safety equipment, always committed to human safety.

MDVR integrated rear view system

Equipped with a rear-view system in the commercial truck camera system, it is not critical to provide a blind spot view of the side rear view of the vehicle when reversing, and more importantly, it is also a driving recorder that records the front when driving, because it ensures that no matter what an accident occurs The company can access the lens regardless of the angle.

With the commercial truck driving recorder system, the company does not have to worry about whether the camera captures accident footage. Its composition comes from COCVES’s waterproof night vision camera, 2.4.8 split-screen monitor, movable DVR box, waterproof and seismic sensors and multiple safety electronic devices.

360 degree lens

Without proper camera angles, companies cannot collect facts about collisions, verify services, or ensure policy and safety compliance. The 360-degree camera angle provides access to all lenses, so they will never harm the technology.

Live video

The ability to check the driver’s position on his route is especially useful if the driver is involved in an accident or is undergoing an inspection.

Real-time footage from the video dash cam system can also monitor drivers’ regular driving habits and allow companies to better determine whether their drivers meet company standards.

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90% of our products are shipped worldwide by air
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