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waterproof Mobile DVR for heavy truck
Author:COCVES Release date:2021.09.27

Cocves Mobile DVR with multi features including GPS tracking ,AC WiFi and live video through 3G/4G. Mobile DVR can support hard disk or ssd storage to store the video data from high resolution cameras. iCarVisions also can provide waterproof Mobile DVR for special vehicles for example fire engine and heavy truck

Product Description
The JH8-HD-GFW is an 8 channel Mobile DVR which can connect and record simultaneously up to 9 cameras (8 regular/AHD cameras and 1 forward facing IP camera). Footage records onto an included 2TB hard drive with backup recording onto 1 SD card with a total storage capacity of 128GB. With built-in GPS, this high capacity DVR will record the vehicle’s location and driving route as well as camera footage to provide the full picture from what’s happening on the road. Perfect for fleets of trucks and buses, The JH8-HD-GFW is vibration-proof and combines powerful functions together with a stable performance.
Operated with Client Software IVMS (Intelligent Vehicle Management Software) to realize fleet management online, and achieve a full range of car monitoring functions such as real time video & audio monitoring, GPS, car tracking, GEO-Fence, voice intercom, car temperature, alarms customized , driving route record, PTZ control, fuel volume detection, video search and download, generating reports, etc. APPis available for mobile phones in Android and iOS system.
Select the GPS+WiFi option to upgrade to live video remote viewing. This allows the DVR to connect to a WiFi hotspot in your vehicle. This model is compatible with jetpacks from all major carriers. Perfect for fleet tracking (can be used as a GPS tracker) and fleet management this DVR allows you to easily view and download footage even while the vehicle is on the road! 
Mobile DVR is very important for both personal and commercial vehicles. Mobile DVR not only can assist driver to see blind spots but also can give recorded footage as an evidence for accident and insurance. What’s more, most clients use Mobile DVR solution for fleet tracking management on difference kinds of vehicles. It is a perfect solution to save your cost and time.
The 4channel is a Hard Disk Mobile DVR designed for on-board vehicle recording. It has four ports to record up to four cameras
simultaneously and an ethernet port to connect a forward-facing IP camera. The system comes with GPS to record the vehicle
location and driving route as well. Footage records onto an included 2TB hard disk with backup recording (128GB) onto 1 SD
card. With a solid and compact build, the JH4S is vibration-proof, installation-friendly and combines powerful functions
together with a stable performance.
Just plug and play, this new Mobile DVR enable user for auto detecting and matching for all analog cameras.
Regular model to set up an analog camera, it takes at least more than 3 seconds on setting. If you are setting 4 channels of
cameras after installtion, it will go though all these.
New Model auto detecting and matching for all analog cameras. This Mobile DVR to set up 4/8 channels of cameras.
This Mobile DVR is ideal for large-scale fleet applications such as monitoring buses, coaches, car, taxis, lorries, fire trucks,
ambulances, passenger vehicles, patrol cars, prison transportation vehicles and emergency response vehicles, etc. The DVR
is equipped with an anti-shock vibration resistant chassis that is built to endure the rigorous bumps and turns of mobile
surveillance applications, to ensure high quality video on-the-go.
This remote viewable Mobile DVR makes use of cellular 4G data networks and Wi-Fi hotspots, via a SIM card and Ethernet
connections for remote monitoring of live audio and live and recorded video. The DVR enables you to quickly determine GPS
location with the Google maps interface, and offers camera control, while the built-in Wi-Fi client provides convenient wireless
offloading of video evidence to an optional server.
Safe-guarding environment is one way, safe-driving is the other way. Dash camera is and will continue be a good choice for fleet management in fuel and driver monitoring. And through data analysis, a perfect solution for fleet management can be made. 
Product Features:
Auto detecting & matching for all analog cameras
Support 4CH 1080P AHD or 4CH 960H / D1 / HD1 / CIF + 1CH IPC (720P / 1080P) , Can connect & record up to (5) five cameras simultaneously
VGA Video Output
Built-in 1 x POE(12V) Ethernet Port
accept HDD/SSD up to 2 TB Storage, and 1 SD card (up to 256GB) for backup(at 3G/4G/Wi-Fi model option)
Internal G-Sensor, with GPS, Wi-Fi (5.8 Ghz) 
WIFI automatic download
Anti-Vibration and Anti-Shock under acceleration of 40G ( MIL-STD-810G standard)
Hard drive automatic heating startup in -40℃ weather
On board UPS 8 seconds delay power-off for data protection
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃
8V-36V wide voltage power supply

90% of our products are shipped worldwide by air
90% of our products are shipped worldwide by air
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