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Cocves improves travel safety and reduces responsibilities
cocves (Cooperation Creating Value, Efficient Service) is an artificial intelligence-driven manufacturer that provides vehicle monitoring solutions and rear-view system monitoring solutions. Our solutions are mainly aimed at the safety management and vehicle monitoring of commercial vehicles in various industries such as heavy trucks, buses, school buses, taxis, and agricultural machinery. Our products include in-vehicle cameras, mobile DVR (MDVR), displays, traffic sensors/radar adherence systems and wi-fi systems.
Almost after its establishment, our vehicle monitoring solutions and rear-view security systems have been exported to Germany and the United States, improving road safety for the majority of well-known car companies.
As the most cost-effective automotive camera R&D and manufacturer, our rear view safety system and 360° surround view system greatly help reduce vehicle accidents and improve efficiency for car companies and fleets. We have industry expertise and can answer you to jointly choose the best vehicle monitoring system and rear view system for your vehicle needs, and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
Cocves has become the fastest growing R&D and manufacturer in the market. Our products are not only rear-view security systems and vehicle monitoring systems. Packages are also provided: driver fatigue system, backup sensor, mobile DVR and driving recorder, 360° surround view system.
Our mission
At cocves, our R&D team cooperates with drivers or car companies to provide the safest, comfortable and personalized vehicle safety. We always care about human safety.
As one of the members of brvision, cocves is now producing safe in-vehicle electronic products for car companies on a global scale. Our mobile DVR is ready to redefine the market again and make roads safer.
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A letter from our president
To our sincere customers

As an advocate in the field of global road safety vehicle camera systems, driving recorders, and mobile RVC vehicle electronics, rear view safety systems, fatigue driving recognition systems, truck radar systems, etc. provide the most extensive vehicle cameras and display on the market today Screen. With a highly skilled R&D team and a strong production team, we can work with your car company to guarantee vehicle solutions and product supply, and bring the highest camera system in the entire industry to your car electronics.
A letter from our president
90% of our products are shipped worldwide by air
90% of our products are shipped worldwide by air
For inquiries about our products or price list, please leave your email to us, and we will contact you within 24 hours.
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