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H.265 Mini Compact design 4CH MDVR
Author:COCVES Release date:2021.09.10

In today’s world of distracted driving, quite often it isn’t your driver that causes the many accidents on the road. It is usually the “other guy”.

To exceptional driver vision and liability protection, here comes cocves new arrival -MDVR, which could support thewhole camera system for trucks, buses and other vehicles.

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BRvision’s new design MDVR allows you to provide video evidence to exonerate your driver, while also providing critical real-world training tools to change driver behaviors. With our digital recording solution, you can track your vehicles, view live video feed from mobile devices, and protect your driver’s and company from frivolous lawsuits.

This new MDVR is a device with strong functional scalability specially designed for mobile video surveillance system. It adopts high speed processor and built-in operating system, combining with H.265 video compression.

MDVR Video surveillance in your unit, real-time transmission, recording on a Hard Drives of up to 4G, WIFI and GPS.

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The popular 256G SD card 4channel AHD DVR is avaialble now, it is with Built in Hisilicon high performance image processing chip, H.265 Video Compression code, high compression ratio, clear image,AHD 1080P video input,Built in G-sensor,Real time monitoring behavior of vehicle driving,Support 4 channels real-time preview and storage...

Item No.


Operating system

Embedded Linux Operating System

Operating language

Chinese / English

Operation interface

Graphical menu operation interface, support  mouse operation

Password security

User password, administrator password two-level management

Video TV System


video compression



1080P/720P /960H/D1

Playback quality

1080P/720P /960H/D1


Various ways

Decoding capability

4-channel 1080P real time

Video quality

Levels 1 to 5 are available

Screen Display

12349 picture view

Audio Compression


Audio recording

Audio & Video synchronized recording

Video mode

Manual and alarm

Video bit rate

Full frame 3072mbps, 5 classes image quality optional

Storage media

Hard disk + SD card

Video inquiry

It can be retrieved by time, file, channel, recording type and alarm type

Local Playback

1-4 channels, by time, channel 


Support detecting antenna Plug in/Unplug/Short circuit test




802.11b/g/nfrequency 2.4GHz

Power input


Power output

12V 2A

Operating Temperature

-40 --- 80(PCB)

External Dimensions


Main features

· Built in Hisilicon high performance image processing chip, H.265 Video Compression code, high compression ratio, clear image.

· AHD 1080P video input

· Support 4 channels real-time preview and storage.

· One channel video and audio synchronous output,1 channel VGA output

· Support automatic hard disk heating (optional)

· Built in G-sensor,Real time monitoring behavior of vehicle driving.

· Horizontal and vertical image mirror adjustment of video.

Power Supply:

· Professional vehicle power supply of DC 9-40V wide voltage input

· Various protection circuits, such as insufficient voltage, short circuit and reverse connection, suitable for all types of vehicles.

· Support intelligent power management recognition, low power automatic shutdown, flame out and low power consumption.


· Built-in super capacitor can avoid data loss and disk damage due to abnormal power failure.

· The special file management mechanism is adopted to encrypt the data and effectively protect the data security.

· Support 2.5 inch hard disk, maximum 4TB

· Support SD card storage, maximum 256g

Interface transmission

· Support GPS / BD positioning, high sensitivity and fast positioning

· Support WiFi wireless download, support 802.11b/g/n, frequency 2.4GHz

· Built in 3G / 4G modulesupport TD/FDD-LTE/HSUPA/HSDPA/WCDMA/EVDO


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90% of our products are shipped worldwide by air
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